WPR Hall of Fame

So rich and so white, even his hair is WPR.

So rich and so white, even his hair is WPR.

adam curry

From pirate radio enthusiast to mainstream broadcasting giant to podcasting pioneer, Adam Curry is the only logical choice to be the charter member of the White People Rich Hall of Fame.

Born in America and raised in Amsterdam as a child before moving back to the States to win the hearts and minds of American youth in the late 1980s, Adam Curry has scratched and clawed his way to the pinnacle of WPR-ness and represents everything to which the WPR community aspires. Initially reticent to speak publicly about being WPR, Adam opened up to Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young in a moving long-form interview in late 2016. Weathering the storms of being forced to sell one of his prized airplanes, downsizing his stable of pilots from two to one, and suffering financial losses at the hands of a so-called "friend" (whose subsequent death Adam learned of later while on retreat at his castle in Belgium), Adam is a shining beacon of hope to all those who aspire to WPR greatness.

Watch the ground-breaking and inspiring interview with Adam Curry below.