you are not alone

No one gets through life being White People Rich without help. If you or a loved one are looking for support, the following resources are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

White People Rich Support Forum

Video - Education and How-Tos

Video - Weekly LIVE Support Meeting (Alternate Link)

Video - Support Meeting Library

Reading - Educational Materials


share your stories

Talking about WPR makes it real, and real things can be dealt with (or ignored). Reach out and touch someone in real-time with your WPR stories. Emergency support for WPR crises is available here.

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Brian Brushwood on Twitter

Justin Robert Young on Twitter

Bryce Castillo on Twitter

WPR Support Chat


friends of wpr

These good people understand the struggle and support WPR, and we support them. Please support them as well, as we build a support structure of supportive support to achieve our goal of total supportosity.


Aunty Donna

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Andrew Mayne

Writer, producer, filmmaker, magician, illusion designer, there anything that Andrew Mayne doesn't do? He's published over 40 books and DVDs on magic, and somehow ends up slumming with Shwood and JuRY on a regular basis.

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tom merritt

Another Renaissance man...podcasting legend, bestselling author, segue master...Tom crushes everything he touches. He's too humble to engage in WPR foolishness with the other fuckos. He could probably class them up quite a bit, if they'd let him.

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Once you have attained WPR status, the next phase is to become a modern rogue. (Bonus: in the process, you shall also become a gentleman, a warrior, and a scoundrel...not necessarily in that order.)

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The Ritual Misery Podcast is a conversation of two life-long friends and military veterans talking about gadgets, tech news, geek culture, and military life in an easy-going, simple to follow format. The podcast is aimed at tech-savvy family-oriented self-identified geeks interested in contemporary tech topics, news, and random geekery.

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When you are WPR, others will want to bask in your WPRness in as many forms as possible. One method to allow even the youngest of WPR-destined followers to bathe in the goodness is through the magic of animation.

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