Blessing...or curse? Explore more, then judge for yourself.

Blessing...or curse? Explore more, then judge for yourself.

WPR - A Primer

UPDATE (2/21/2017):  Based on feedback from loyal readers, we're providing an alternative method to get to know WPR. When someone asks you to describe WPR, you may be at a loss for words to distill the essence. You can point them here, of course, but some people are more aural than visual. As a public service, we provide this musical explanation of WPR at its finest. (If you prefer the written word, the primer begins after the playlist.)

Some people say that White People Rich (WPR) is a philosophy. Others say that it's a lifestyle. Still others contend that WPR is an affliction. It may be all these things...or none of these things. It may be some of these things sometimes and other things at other times, or perhaps only a bit of these things on Thursdays and alternate Saturdays and almost all of these things on Tuesdays. It may be absolutely 100% of these things and yet still taste like chicken.

What remains clear is that, to the uninitiated, WPR is a confounding concept. What follows is an attempt at clearing the cobwebs and dissipating the fog of confusion that causes so many to misunderstand.


An introduction to wpr (or, "How could this have been done?!")

For untold years scientists and concerned others had been unable to define how and when WPR would strike an unsuspecting victim. Common wisdom held that, much like the source of Carrot Top's popularity, the trigger for WPR would forever remain a mystery. However, as has often happened throughout history, scientific breakthrough came via serendipity. History records that, on October 14, 2014, the first observed instance of WPR forming "in the wild" was noted. Fortunately for researchers, the moment was captured for posterity.

Many contend that this video evidence, like the moon landing and almost all female orgasms, was faked.

Once the proverbial genie had been loosed from the lamp, WPR began to spread like wildfire, reaching a fever pitch in an astoundingly short time.

Does this man look happy to you? Find out more about his struggles by watching the video.

the private side of wpr

Although most assume that WPR would cause most cares to fall away, those "in the know" are all too aware of the downside. Without constant vigilence, those who are WPR can quickly find themselves spiraling into madness.